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A new type of university is forming in the western United states. A number of state owned educational institutions and private enterprises jointly formed the "Western Governors University" (Western Governors University). This new type of University offers the opportunity of "distance learning" for non - full - time students and adults who have been working.
How will the university work? First, 21 universities and businesses offer courses that can be carried out by means of computer, television, and other technical means.
This is not what we imagined, but the market led. People need it." Utah governor Michel
Buy diploma, buy college diploma, O Levitt said in an "higher academic Chronicles" interview with reporters. Leavitt is a Republican, he and the University Democrats, Colorado governor Roy Roemer founded the current 16 states participated, including Alaska, Hawaii and the United States territory of Guam.
The school has raised nearly $10 million from state and private companies, with at least $100 thousand in each state, of which Colorado donated $3 million to $400 thousand in Utah.
The Western Governors University is a private, non-profit organization. The board has 14 members, including the heads of the 4 governors, the heads of the two state universities and heads of several companies. The Advisory Committee include executives of some enterprises, these enterprises
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Western Governors University plans to reach $126 million by 2005. The school hopes to convince companies to use it on the world wide web, quick directory / Consultant (SmartCatalogue / Adviser) website to maintain balance. These companies and universities will pay for their courses to log in to the directory, for each of the students enrolled in the directory to pay another fee.
The Western Governors University says it will not hire any professor. All courses will be provided by other companies and universities.
Governor Leavitt says the timing is ripe. Enterprises and universities will not rely on the convenience of the nearest school and the reputation of the university to attract students, but rely on low prices, convenient learning methods and learning results to attract students.


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