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University of oxford dgree, buy diploma. Oxford is the main city of Thames Valley, the legend is the ancient cattle wade to
So named Oxford (Oxford). Oxford is always a focus on the west route from London, as early as 1096, had already been in Oxford lecture.
Prior to twelfth Century, Britain is no university, people are going to France and other European countries to study.
In 1167, the king of England at the time with the king of France under King quarrel, a British scholar, the pupil at the University of Paris recall, forbade them to go to Paris university. Another argument is that the king angrily, the British scholar from the University of Paris to return to britain. However, these scholars have returned home from Paris, gathered in Oxford, in the Catholic Benedictine assisted in scholastic philosophy of teaching and research. So people began to regard Oxford as a "total study", which is actually the predecessor of University of Oxford. The reason why the scholars gathered in Oxford, because at that time, Henry II built his palace in Oxford, scholars for the protection of the king, came here. At the end of the twelfth Century, Oxford was known as the University of teachers and students".
In 1201, Oxford had its first president. In 1209, after the Oxford conflict of students and townspeople, some Oxford scholars leave to the northeast by the Franciscans, Benedictine monks and holy established town, and the establishment of the University of Cambridge. Since then, the two universities have a long history of competition.
In June 20, 1214, after a papal legate consultations, returned to the Oxford University, and obtained the franchise. The identity of University of Oxford was formally established until a bill passed in 1571. It is in the middle ages, those active in their thinking and living uninhibited, often credit debt of young students, inevitably conflict with local residents. One of the biggest conflicts, hundreds of students were shot dead. The result of this thing is to suppress the king, and sentenced to 500 years of compensation for the cost of the University of Oxford.A University of Oxford school has created between 13 and sixteenth Century, the Christian College is 1525 Axworthy cardinal bishop of the church created as a training school. The first half of the Tom square tower was built by Len in 1682, the largest tower in the city.
In 1648, Tom bell hung, there are 101 students in college, so at 9:05 p.m. (Oxford time 5 minutes slower than Greenwich) the clock struck 101, remind students to pay attention to the curfew (1963 no).Merton college is the oldest college in Oxford (1264). Others are: New College (1379), Queen's College (1695), etc..
Many battles broke out in the vicinity of Oxford during the civil war in seventeenth Century, there was by students in support of Charlie Thi's general headquarters. When the royalists were forced to flee Oxford, Karen, self styled president of the university.
2001 to 2002 school year, the total number of students enrolled in University of Oxford, more than 16 thousand and 500 people, of which foreign students from all countries accounted for 1/3, the number of graduate students in the school is about 5000 people.
Oxford has a total of 38 colleges, and their relationship with the school as the United States central government and local governments, the relationship between the use of federalism. Each college is managed by the Head of House and several Fellows, and they are experts in various academic fields, most of whom have positions in schools. 6 prospective Colleges (called "permanent private buy diploma, buy college diploma, schools" Permanent Private Halls, each. Religious sects do so, still retain their religious charter.There is also a further education college. In the 35 colleges, there are no students at the Academy, only academicians (including visiting academicians). The scale of the colleges and universities, but in 500 people, students, teachers (academicians) from different professional disciplines.
The college system of Oxford came into being at the time of its birth, and gradually became an independent institution of Oxford.
Similar to the organizational structure of most other universities, University of Oxford is divided into different departments. The department usually plays a major role in graduate education, providing lectures, courses, and organizational tests. It is also often a research center funded by external agencies including the large research council.
In addition to the College of the University of Oxford, teaching and research activities (especially the latter), mainly by the division of the organization, autonomous units, not within the University, they are the cross school institutions, not belonging to any one college, but each of the teachers and students, first of all must be a member of a college in University of Oxford the.
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As of the end of 2013, the University of Oxford has 16 departments: the Department buy university diploma,buy high school diploma. of geography and anthropology, Department of biological science, Faculty of clinical medicine, Faculty of English language and literature, law, philosophy, classics and ancient history of science, Department of mathematics, medieval and modern linguistics, modern history department, Department of music, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Faculty of physical science. Department of physiology, psychology, sociology of science, Faculty of theology, Faculty of Arts, Department of General Department of science is no longer divided, and divided into more than and 30 lines, some department also set up some center and research institute. In addition, some research (such as education institute, recruit graduate students) does not belong to the above each faculty, and directly to the university.University of oxford dgree, buy diploma.


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