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Buy drive licence Australia, buy diploma, buy degree. The driver's license in Australia use if already held China license, and did not get the PR visa in Australia (the equivalent of a green card) students can use the Chinese license (with China license benefits is illegal, is not deductible, just fine with no penalty. But the branch records to be deducted. When you take the local driver's license, before deduction of points will be turned, it is seen through the local driving test to the suspension of friends), but must take Chinese license in Australia accredited translation (Australia three translation certificate holders).
If you get Australian PR, then you can only use the Chinese driver's license to open a car in Australia for three months. If more than three months, you must be converted into a driver's license in Australia to continue driving. Due to the provisions of Australia you can only hold a valid driver's license to drive at the same time, so the driver's license will be converted into a driver's license management agency will make your original driver's license invalid. Whether you are a new driver's license test in Australia, still want to turn Australia into a China license
Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on.  license, are required by the traffic rules examination and test.Below to introduce a driver's license in the Australian state of New South Wales general program, the other driver's license test is generally similar.
1, cross examination
(Computer-Based DriverKnowledge Test DKT)
DKT is a theory exam, exam content is the main driving safety, traffic rules, multiple-choice questions for the exam, all done on a computer. Theoretical examination of the Chinese system, but the English is not difficult. To read the exam examination handbook. Test manuals can be downloaded from the Buy diploma, buy college diploma, RTA website. Before participating in the formal examination, you can also conduct a simulation test on the RTA website. Feel no problem, you can sign up for the exam, the examination fee of 41 Australian dollars. After the examination of the theory, spend 22 Australian dollars can get L license. L card can be used as a local identity card. Looking for a job, go to the bank, often used in daily life, it is recommended that you run as fast as possible L license. With L, you can drive on the road. But the L can not be a person driving, left to a full Full must be Licence people. If you want to drive, but also need to take the road test.
Australia test does not require mandatory registration of individual technical school, if okay of traffic rules is enough to learn the words directly to enroll in the exam on the line, dozens of Australian dollars, with fewer friends around the domestic driver's license their one-time pass the exam, mainly for Australian rules requirements more stringent, the speed limit, out of the way. As long as the wrong time, may hang road. Individuals can find a special coach to practice. There are a lot of schools in advertising Chinese newspaper, generally 50-80 yuan per hour. There are packaging training, such as teaching 10 hours, the package of the test car rental, the cost of about $800-1000. The price is different, each region is different.
Road test
In the road before, you must have at least 50 hours L card record to fill in the log book. The school master is to open a few hours, a few hours will not fill, fill in. Check to heavy penalties. The rest of the time you can add money to complete, can also please hold Full Licence friends with you. This condition is satisfied, and feel well prepared, you can make an appointment to take the test in RTA. Examination fee is 51 Australian dollars per. Take the road test to carry the test booking receipt, L license, proof of identity (such as passport). If you have a Chinese driver's license, please bring the original and official translation. At the same time to bring their own test vehicles. Through the test, the following three conditions:
1, if you can prove that after the age of 18 years of driving time of more than 3 years (that is, you have a driver's license in the country for more than 3 years), you can get Full Licence, Full Licence production costs is $aud.
2, if you are driving for more than 1 years but less than 3 years, you can get a conditional license P2 (green P), buy university diploma,buy high school diploma. the production cost of P2 is 82 Australian dollars. In Australia you driving and driving home together for 3 years, and by Driver Qualification Test (examination fee for every 41 Australian dollars), you can change the Full Licence.
3, if you are driving less than 1 years, or in the domestic driver's license, you can get a conditional license P1 (red P), the production cost of P1 is 52 Australian dollars. Driving for a full year, and through the Hazard Perception Test (examination fee for every 41 Australian dollars), can change P2. In Australia by the road test, is not an easy thing, test once by many people. The road traffic rules to focus on the investigation of driving skills, such as give way to pedestrians, or the campus area during the class limit etc. Buy drive licence Australia, buy diploma, buy degree.


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