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Buy diploma in university of chicago. buy degree, certificate. University of Chicago (The University of Chicago), formerly known as the United States Baptist Church established a missionary school, which is the same name as University of Chicago, but in 1886 due to financial problems and bankruptcy. With the migration of the population to the West and the development of the industry, the United States is far away from the east coast of the United States needs a first-class university in order to adapt to the development of. John Rockefeller has a vision and the longing for happy in doing good American oil tycoon here will be the birth of a par with Harvard, Yale University; in 1890, Rockefeller began to build University of Chicago in church schools based on the original closure. After careful consideration, Rockefeller chose only 35 years old, the famous educator (Willian R. Harper) as an assistant to prepare for the University of Chicago. In July 1, 1891, Harper because Buy diploma, buy college diploma, of the excellent work was appointed as the first president.
University of Chicago has not yet fully formed, Harper for the school to develop a strict selection criteria for teachers and students. He hopes to build "a can of Harvard and Yale and Eastern comparable University" in a very short period of time, and to achieve this goal, must put all the enthusiasm to the relentless introduction of talented teachers, students and administrators to". In preparation for the University of Chicago, Harper played his powerful drum power, persuaded the 8 incumbent presidents and nearly 20 head of the Department of resignation to Chicago coach, which is unprecedented in the history of education; for example, he was a famous psychology research center of Clark University (Clark University) visit, leaving "dig" the research took 2/3 teachers and half of the students.
Harper himself is not afraid when necessary to traditional academic challenge, whether it is still the standard graduation admission standards, he did not wish for any other university's [29] of University of Chicago. Harper opened the institution of higher education for girls and the appointment of female teachers from the school first day, University of Chicago open to all ethnic minorities; Harper at the University of Chicago established the first University Department of American society, and personally featuring the first extension of education to establish the system of the United States, in order to provide correspondence and evening classes, weekend learning the course for those who cannot attend at the usual time or in the usual place; he pioneered the use of advertising, bulletin board and bulk mail to a full range of publicity of University of Chicago courses and activities, he established the strict public relations network to maintain the University operating funds, and for the city of Chicago and the government of the United States a number of services committee in order to expand the influence of University of Chicago. In management, he boldly decentralization, encourage executives to explore talent and new courses. buy university diploma,buy high school diploma.With the help of a professor in his own department of sociology, he reformed the administration and management of University of Chicago into an efficient and simple model that other universities were trying to follow. All of these complex Our company focus on fake high school diploma, fake college diploma university diploma, fake associate degree, fake bachelor degree, fake doctorate degree and so on. reforms have been launched in two years and at the same time, at the time that the University of Chicago has become the most concern of the media and public university; these were known as the "Harper drama series" the topic was later renamed as "a revolution in Higher Education" President of University of Chicago in 14 Harper, known as the "Chicago as a young man". Although the administration took a lot of time, Harper still make time lecturing and writing -- he thinks that administrative personnel can not be independent in the lectures, so the director of principals and system, still give yourself a full-time teacher row. William Harper, who died of cancer in 1906, at the age of 49, left behind a great university and became an object of public or private emulation at other universities, known as "teachers of teachers" . History professor Frederick Leudolph (Frederick Rudolph) was in the 1962 book "American university history" (The American College and University) wrote: "University of Chicago was founded on shaping the overall style of American higher education in the age of any other event can not match, it was founded in the history of the United States on behalf of the spirit of the times of events.Buy diploma in university of chicago. buy degree, certificate.


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